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IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy offers a variety of consultation and outsourcing services featuring:



OUR SERVICES                                          COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS & SERVICES

Data Destruction & Secure E-Waste Recycling solutions by Certified ITAD professional in R2 & E-Stewards WEEE Disposal. Turning obsolete electronics into revenue. Asset Recovery Solutions. PC Lifecycle Program.

Our team of industry experts can evaluate your specific needs and create a plan that is custom-made for your business. The global IT asset disposition services of IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy are available to clients with global requirements. Plan, do, check, execute (PDCE) and deliver superior results. We also work with small enterprises with single locations looking to resale, dispose or recycle their End of Life IT products.

We're specialize in the process of streamlining disposition of your IT assets, while minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses for businesses having a heavy replacement cycle of IT equipment. From ICT Asset Value Recovery to Corporate Social Responsibility, we help clients understand environmental regulations and develop a comprehensive electronic waste recycling program, we understands the value of brand protection, provides a safe, environmentally-friendly program to solve the problem. Our IT asset disposition services let channel partner clients stay on the right side of environmental protection, regulatory compliance and data security, talk to us about our ability to provide your organization with an end-to-end solutions that’s right for you.

Our goal is to help you maximize the return on your decommissioned, surplus or off-lease assets by selling assets that have market value, disposing of assets that have no market value and are at the end of their life cycle. IT Asset Disposition will no longer be viewed as corporate overhead, but rather a profit center and area of risk mitigation.

  • IT Asset Recovery Services - Retain, Reuse, Return, Resale or Recycle (5R). Free consultation, we first determine which option is best for your business.
  • On-Site & Off-Site services include data destruction, deinstallation and pull-downs.
  • ICT Asset Value Recovery - We offer a broad range of modules, starting first from how and what to do with the assets you no longer use, evaluate the current value of your assets, for all of your IT related asset categories (not just one category).
  • IT Recycling Solutions. We work closely with Recycling companies around the globe. We use this option only as a last resort. E-Waste to be properly recycled with zero waste going to landfill.
  • IT Remarketing - Best remarketing knowledge, we know the secondary market better than anyone.
  • IT Asset Disposal through certified global downstream partners. Extensive experience in qualifying and auditing downstream partners.
  • IT Equipment Leasing - We help to connect with leasing organizations for your volume IT equipment purchase and trade-in.
  • Staff Training - Our onsite training prepares and educate individuals to manage their IT asset disposal process within an organization.
  • Global Logistics & Planning - Single or multiple locations coverage from Hong Kong, China, Asia Pacific to EMEA, United States, UAE and S. Africa
  • Reverse Logistics - Execute and manage the reverse portion of your assets based on the condition of returned merchandise, the items to be routed to their final destination, from disposal to repair, refurbishment and return, whether in the manufacturing or the retail sector.