• Data security means storage devices must be securely wiped or destroyed.
  • Asset Disposal - Proper disposal of ecologically-sensitive materials be done properly or businesses may face fines or damage of brand reputation. There are many factors to consider when determining whether it’s appropriate to dispose of an asset, certain types of assets must be disposed of in a specific way to maintain customer privacy and data security.

Examples of disposal are:

  • End of lifecycle
  • Warranty replacements
  • Technology refresh
  • Vendor trade-in
  • End of lease returns
  • Charitable donations
  • WEEE disposal

IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy will make sure your company is protected from fines or public liabilities nightmares.

5R"+" MANTRA - Reduce>Reuse>Return>Remarket>Recycle

ITAD exists in response to considerations in replacing business equipment:


Reuse of functional equipment is the environmentally superior recovery option and this is before we consider the additional social economic benefits it reaps and promoted as such in any waste management program.

A computer could be repurposed to be used as a locked-down guest machine that connects through a guest Wi-Fi network for clients or visitors to use.

It’s even worth checking to see if older machines can be re-purposed to be used in a test environment, staff training, as a dummy server or to host company files and information.

The simple 5R “reduce>reuse>return>remarket>recycle” mantra has long served as best practice for organizations or individual consumers wanting to reduce their waste. It’s an excellent principle, but of course there can be complexity in making it a reality. For example, a product might need to be repaired, refurbished or reconditioned before it can be reused.

When considering investing in new ICT equipment, your first step should be to critically assess your needs in order to reduce demand. Can your business function just as well by extending the life of the equipment you currently have or by simply buying a smaller, lower-spec alternative?

Once a product reaches the end of its life, you might consider various ways to reuse it, for example using it for the same purpose but in a different part of your organization; repurposing it within your organization; or remarketing it (refurbished if necessary) to another organization.

Reducing e-Waste Responsibilities

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You can choose the lease return option that’s right for your business: (1) transportation only, (2) off-site data wipe, (3) on-site data wipe or (4) Buy Out (5) Month-to-Month continuous lease.

*Note: Have a strong policy that allows you to pull the equipment back to IT for a data offload process and a migration (if necessary) to prepare for the return, associates the biggest downside is shipping cost, shipping material and the lost of associated components.

IT Asset Disposition & Recycling

IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy - Proven Certified IT Asset Disposition (CITAD) Professional.

Any organization that uses technology has to deal with the difficulty of disposing of IT assets after their useful life is complete. Enterprises with worn out old equipment are faced regularly with decisions of whether to refurbish or resell, donate, recycle or dispose of business equipment. For equipment without resale value, we recommend recycling. To help ensure environmental and legislative compliance, we will handle the logistics of properly disposing your used equipment in a way that meets local regulatory guidelines.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a means for the proper disposition, removal and recycling or remarketing of assets, while ensuring compliance to local, global and organization wide data security and environmental regulations. ITAD stands for "Information Technology Asset Disposition". When done properly, it adds value, improves data security and increases operating efficiency. Specifically, it addresses the issues of managing IT throughout its life cycle and extracting maximum value. It is likely that most companies will outsource the recycling of their IT equipment, particularly smaller companies which do not have the infrastructure to manage it in-house. With our consultancy service, you are no longer left to create internal processes that tie to ITAD service partners and then staff to support those programs. IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy will manage the whole process, from collection to refurbishment, wiping data, resale and disposal.

Tackling the problem at global level adds a new dimension of complexity, mainly due to the various e-waste legislation regimes and the huge disparity in living standards and cultural attitudes to waste. In very simple terms, developed nations have created the kind of throw-away habits that developing countries can’t yet afford.

Repair and Refurbishing

Equipment meeting client qualifications for redeployment is repaired and refurbished to provide the new user with a new device experience - key to a successful redeployment program. Lease returns are prepared to minimize client expense for chargebacks, based on lessor terms and conditions.

Using IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy to repair and refurbish your worn equipment can provide new life within an organization or new life with a new owner. Organizations can engage IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy to facilitate donations of equipment that they know to be free of confidential data and in good working order. These donations can help organizations with their philanthropy goals and do a world of good, most importantly you will only be charged for $0 to a minimal handling fees.


Revenue – Bring cash back to your company. When you remarket and resell your IT equipment, we make sure you get the best possible deal. Knowing the equipment value is critical to creating the right disposition solution.

If you're interested in reselling your used technology either locally or seeking for a global market, we'll provide advance Fair Market Value estimation or ship your systems to our downstream facilities and determine their value. Equipment without residual value will be recycled.

Equipment with a resale value at the time of disposal can be sold under a remarketing agreement under service charge, buy out or profit sharing system. After the sale we share all the proceeds with our customers, whether from working devices, parts, even commodities recovered by recycling. Count on IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy to get the fair deal you deserve.

IT Asset Disposition Hong Kong (ITAD.HK) Management Consultancy demand the strictest policies from our downstream partners registered under e-Stewardship program, Responsible Recycling (R2), RIOS, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, MAR & NAID. Our ITAD Recycling consultancy services helps organizations in e-waste regulatory management, brand and privacy protection, e-scrap secure disposal, comply waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) environmental policy.

According to e-waste guide in UK, the state-of-the-art recycling of e-waste comprises three steps:

  • Detoxication – The first step in the recycling process is the removal of critical components from the e-waste in order to avoid dilution of and / or contamination with toxic substances during the downstream processes. Critical components include, e.g., lead glass from CRT screens, light bulbs and batteries.
  • Shredding – Mechanical processing is the next step in e-waste treatment, normally an industrial large scale operation to obtain concentrates of recyclable materials in a dedicated fraction and also to further separate hazardous materials. Typical components of a mechanical processing plant are crushing units, shredders, magnetic- and eddy-current- and air-separators. The gas emissions are filtered and effluents are treated to minimize environmental impact.
  • Refining – The third step of e-waste recycling is refining. Refining of resources in e-waste is possible and the technical solutions exist to get back raw with minimal environmental impact. Most of the fractions need to be refined or conditioned in order to be sold as secondary raw materials or to be disposed of in a final disposal site, respectively. During the refining process, to the three flows of materials - Metals, plastics and glass, is paid attention.



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